EXO Releases Official Music Video for "Call Me Baby"

Sensitive Artist, March 31, 2015, 9:21 a.m.

The very charismatic group EXO never fails to meet their fans' expectations (in actuality they seem to far surpass them) as fans can see for themselves in the newest music video release titled "Call Me Baby"! Fans have been waiting for this music video for some time, and have finally been given the entire video.

The group's perfectly smooth and timed choreography mixed with their adorable individual quirkiness, and their intense manly stares will make any girl's knees get weak. The addition of the song will only help to make this music video an instant smash hit with their fans and the rest of the K-Pop community.

Instead of listening to us continuing to ramble on, just watch the music video here at Koogle.tv and see for yourself!

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