EXO's Baekhyun: "Please do not call that unrelated person"

Jun Ko, Feb. 15, 2018, 10:06 a.m.

During his impromptu livestream on February 14th, EXO's Baekhyun had given out a number in his frustration from constantly being called by a sasaeng. It had ended up causing extreme lag to the stream and despite his warnings of 'do not call', the calls continue to come. With the continuous calls, he ended up giving out the sasaeng's number. Upon hearing the number from the stream, numerous EXO fans took it upon themselves to call the sasaeng to tell them to stop harrassing Baekhyun

Unfortunately, Baekhyun had stated the wrong number and the person that was getting bombarded by the calls was just an innocent civilian. The person who was being called also uploaded the status on SNS that, "I heard Baekhyun called out my number but I don't even know how much members EXO has. It's not this number TT." They also wrote in English: "I don't know his phone No. pls stop the call. I'm not the fan." 

Baekhyun had uploaded a post on Instagram, telling fans to no longer contact the number after he had confirmed that the owner of the phone number was not the sasaeng: "Please do not call this number, 010-5183-XXXX. It is unrelated to sasaengs as I saw the sasaeng's incoming phone number incorrectly and said the wrong number. Please do not call; it is not a sasaeng's phone number. I am saying this after confirming it. I strongly ask this of you. Please do not call that unrelated person. I ask you make no contact of any kind. I wish there will be no more people negatively affected by my mistake any longer. Please do not call me as well." 

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