EXO's Chanyeol Humbly Responds to Anti-Fan & Treats Fans to Comment Spree!

thekatsmeow, June 14, 2015, 1:39 a.m.

EXO's Chanyeol proved once again to be a complete sweetheart as he so humbly responded back to an out-of-line anti-fan's swear-word-ridden comment spree. After a very rude anti-fan took to Chanyeol's personal Instagram to lash out at him, spewing accusations and curses at his character, Chanyeol eloquently and politely wrote back to the netizen.

On June 13th, EXO's happy virus uploaded an adorable selca of himself, thanking fans for their second win with 'Love Me Right'. He even sweetly told fans not to kick off their blankets while sleeping just because it's hot, and to be careful of the summer cold.

However, a disgruntled anti-fan decided to go on a curse-ridden commenting spree, harshly putting the rapper on blast for a number of things. Some of the comments included:

"Handle your attention-seeking girlfriend, unless you want to end up as the second version of 'tangkyoong' [referring to Baekhyun and Taeyeon's Instagram scandal]"

"Stop bothering D.O. at concerts. Do you have some sort of mental illness?"

"Stop acting so high and mighty about your composing and songwriting skills. Your skill level is fit for teaching elementary students."

"Didn't you see the negative comments about MR-removed posts of you at 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'? You really need to hear some of that criticism to learn, don't you?"

"You're just a pathetic thug that got placed as a member in this group. It really bothers me to see you."

"Do you know how many of your groupies are watching over you on real-time online? How dare you play 'lovestagram' with your girlfriend?"

"Baekhyun was already popular before [referring to his scandal with Taeyeon] but not a lot of people like you. Don't you know by now? Once you and your attention-seeking girlfriend get caught, you're done, stupid."

However, despite the disheartening comments, Chanyeol decided to take a different approach: to kill 'em with kindness. He responded:

"I'm not too sure what I've done to make you dislike me, but if you really feel that way, then I'll try harder to be better. However, this is a medium where many young fans can see these comments, so I kindly ask that you try to refrain from harsh curse words. I ask for your cooperation. Also, I made this Instagram to not only interact with my fans, but with the intent to connect with everyone!! So, please think of my posts with a light heart. I'll make sure to hear what I need to hear and say what I need to say appropriately, so don't worry! I'm an adult, too :) Anyway, everyone have a great day!! >u< ^3^"

Chanyeol didn't stop there. He even treated his fans to a series of replies to their comments, with a plethora of cute emoticons, encouraging his fans and making fangirls' hearts flutter across the globe with his boyfriend-toned responses. Although there were dozens of comments he made, check out some of them in the screenshot below. Of the replies he posted, some included:

"Since it seems like my babies are a little down today, should I post some replies to your comments!? Let's start now!!!!!"

"You went to go study, right!? Study hard"

"Chaehyun, good luck on your exams"

"Don't be sorry :) let's continue to hold hands and walk down a flower-laiden road"

"Now, let's make money and buy our parents presents!!"

"Everyone~ do you like my gray hair or black hair?"

Haters gonna hate! It must be true that more people will hate you the more you gain success. But, seriously, who can hate a face like this?!

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