EXO's Kai and Baekhyun, KARA's Gyuri, Crayon Pop, and the Wonder GIrls' Lim and Sun Undergo ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Maximiliano VCHK, Aug. 25, 2014, 10 a.m.

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" continues to take over South Korea by storm, with big name celebrities like EXO's Kai and Baekhyun, KARA's Gyuri, Bumkey, Crayon Pop, C-CLOWN's Siwoo, RaNia's Xia and Di, F.T. Island's Hongki, Wonder Girls' Sun and Lim, INFINITE's Woohyun, Jung Hyung Don, Baek Ji Young, and Park Jung Ah join the cause for raising awareness for ALS.

Here is a list of the nominations from the stars!

Kai & Baekhyun: EXO-L

Bumkey: Crayon Pop, soccer player Lee Bum Young, and his label CEO Rhymer
Crayon Pop: Kim Kyung Ho, Ylvis, Sony Music CEO Jung Kyung Ho
Sun: Haha, Byul, J.Y. Park
Siwoo: RaNia's Xia, Big Star's Sunghak, Wonder Boyz' Yoonjoon
Lim: Nicole, EXO's Chen, her cousin Susan

Hongki: Did not tag anyone
Woohyun: Yoo Sang Moo, Yoo Se Yoon, Jang Dong Min

Jung Hyung Don: Lee Kyu Hyuk, SHINee's Minho, B2ST's Doojoon
Baek Ji Young: 2PM's Taecyeon, Son Dam Bi, Yoo Ah In

Park Jung Ah: Seo Ji Hye, poet Shin Yong Mok, pianist Kim Ga On

Celebrities like Big Bang's T.O.P, 2PM's Junho, and 4minute's HyunA and BTS all decided to donate to the cause instead of undergoing the challenge themselves. T.O.P explained, "Hi everyone, this is T.O.P, or CHOI SEUNG HYUN. I am thrilled to join in on the Ice Bucket Challenge, a campaign that raises awareness of and fundraises for ALS, also known as the Lou Gehrig's disease. I was nominated by musician BoA and actor Cho Seung Woo, and I deeply thank them for letting me be part of this meaningful campaign.However, instead of taking part in the Ice Bucket Shower, I would like to make a donation to the Seungil Hope Foundation that has been carrying out philanthropic deeds for patients suffering from the disease. I hope my involvement in the campaign can raise awareness of the patients who are suffering from the disease, and that it can provide hope to the patients."

Junho posted, "Ice bucket challenge. Thank you to our memberChansung and actress Lee Yoo Bi for tagging me! I'm going to participate through donations!."

HyunA commented, "Hello, it's 4minute's HyunA. I'm thankful for being able to participate in a good campaign, and I hope since this started as a good goal, I hope many more people can know about it. I hope ALS patients and their families have more strength. I'll donate to where the Cube family has been donating to in hopes I can be a small help. Fighting!"

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