EXO’s Kai Shares Thoughts on His Upcoming Web Drama ‘Choco Bank’

Kyung Ho Kim, Feb. 4, 2016, 8:14 a.m.

EXO member Kai recently attended the press conference for his upcoming web drama Choco Bank.  When asked about his preparation for the role, EXO's Kai stated, "I couldn't sleep at all the night before the first shoot. First call to meet on set was at 6AM, but I was so nervous I ended up showing up to the set without having had a wink of sleep."

In regards to his first experience acting, he shared, "We shot for a total of 6 days; at first I felt awkward and out of place, but now I feel as if acting was a good memory and lesson." Regarding his role as a an employee in the investment banking world, Kai explained, "I've been dancing since I was 8 years old so that's where my passion lies, but having had an experience acting as a banker, I think I would have enjoyed living such a life. I believe being a banker is a great occupation."

“Choco Bank” is a new web series created by Cheil Worldwide Inc., a marketing company under Samsung. The six-episode series will address something that all millennials can relate to — the job search. Kai will play Kim Eun Haeng and Park Eun Bin will play Choco. Yoon Joon Seok has also been confirmed as part of the main cast.

Kai in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea. Being the first EXO member to sign with S.M. Entertainment, Kai joined the company after winning in the 10th S.M. Youth Best Contest in 2007, at thirteen years old. He said that it was Shinhwa who inspired him to be a dancer.


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