EXO’s Sehun hits 200,000 followers & Baekhyun celebrates 22nd on Instagram

Jimmy Pak, May 6, 2014, 10:33 a.m.

Sehun of EXO is the next to jump on the Instagram wave making fans from around the world follow his every step.  Chanyeol and Luhan have also followed Sehun account which has surpassed over 200,000 followers. 

Sehun also uploaded a photo of a cake to congratulate Baekhyun a happy birthday and for commorating the memory of Sewol with a yellow ribbon campaign. 

EXO’s Baekhyun celebrated his 22nd birthday today.  As you can imagine, the fan outpour was amazing with endless birthday wishes and gifts.  Baekhyun thanked his fans on EXO-K’s website.

Baekhyun wrote, aekhyun made sure to thank his fans on EXO-K's official site. He wrote:

    "Hello. It's the always happy Baekhyun 'Hang Heng Hyun'. I want to say thank you for always giving EXO love and giving Baekhyun love and interest. I've received more blessings than anyone else, and I think I'm really happy. It's all because of my fans. I'll show you a better side of myself in the future. I hope you always support EXO and Baekhyun who both live on applause and love."

Be sure to follow Sehun @xlkslb_ccdtks, Chanyeol at @real__pcy, Kris at @galaxy_fanfan, and Luhan at @luexolu and stay tuned for more news and updates on koogle.tv

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