Family of the late DEUX member Kim Sung Jae wish to know the truth behind his murder

Jun Ko, Aug. 9, 2019, 4:58 p.m.

The death of DEUX member Kim Sung Jae shook the K-Pop industry. Back on 1995, he was found dead within his hotel room on November 20th. While the initial cause of death was ruled as a heart attack, it ended up as a drug overdose after the discovery of 28 needle marks on his arm. Kim's girlfriend was the main suspect after police discovered that Kim Sung Jae planned to end their relationship. She ended up being found guilty of the crime and was sentenced to life in prison, but ended up being released and declared innocent when witnesses suddenyl changed their stories and claim to have not remembered anything. 

His brother Kim Sung Wook revealed in a recent interview with KBS Entertainment Weekly that he wished for the truth to come out. SBS' 'Unanswered Questions' had gone over the case in order to find the truth, only to be prevented by court. He shared that he didn't understand the court's decision of preventing an episode surrounding Kim Sung Jae's death from airing: "I don't understand the court's decision. We don't want to punish anyone. We only want to know the truth of what happened that day. The biggest reason is how my mother should know the truth of what happened. It's her only wish." He continued on with how he would continue to investigate to uncover the truth. 

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