Family of the Late Shin Hae Chul to Pursue Legal Action Against Hospital

luvsmiling, Oct. 31, 2014, 9:35 a.m.

The family and management of legendary singer-songwriter Shin Hae-chul want to sue the hospital in Gangnam that conducted a bowel operation on Oct. 22 that eventually killed him.   Shin went into cardiac arrest after the procedure and never regained consciousness. 

His agency KCA Entertainment in a statement said it took a close look at events from the time he had the operation until his death earlier this week and decided to take legal measures to hold the hospital accountable. KCA Entertainment has hired a lawyer to handle the case. 

"We haven't been vocal about the cause of death until now out of respect for the period of mourning, but the hospital hasn't even offered its condolences, let alone apologize, which has angered his family," a company spokesman said.  The hospital merely denied rumors that mistakes were made during the operation.  The funeral for Shin was held on Friday morning. 

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