Fans Are Upset Over Results of BTS’ Beijing Concert

Ben Cho, July 28, 2016, 9:21 a.m.

BTS has just finished up their concert performance in Beijing, and it seems like many of the fans who were in attendance seemed to have some qualms about the show. Chinese media outlet Morning Post reported that as soon as the concert began, there were electrical issues which left all of the concertgoers waiting in the dark for over half an hour.


The electricity went out yet again in the middle of the concert as well, causing more issues in the flow of the concert. In addition to the technical issues, fans were extremely unhappy to see that only six of the members were on stage, since Rap Monster had health issues. Reports stated that the event also ended earlier than scheduled even after the issues during the event. BTS only performed 15 of their songs in Beijing, as opposed to the 26 songs they performed in Nanjing.


All of these issues have left fans very unhappy with their BTS experience. Rap Monster announced his own sincere apology, but it looks like the fans are still unhappy with the way the concert turned out.

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