Fans are wild for TEEN TOP member Niel's first ever short hairstyle look

Cari Pak, Oct. 16, 2017, 5:18 p.m.

TEEN TOP's Niel changed things up with a short length hairstyle for the first time since debuting and fans are going wild. The long, shaggy look has always been his signature style since TEEN TOP's "Clap" debut days.

After 7 years of keeping the long shaggy hair look, Niel finally shed his long locks and surprised fans with a totally different look at the 'Life Concert' in Siheung on October 15. Fans are claiming that this is the shortest length Niel has ever had since his debut with TEEN TOP.

Fans commented, "OMG TTTTT Niel looks so good TTTT He's the best", "Wow... where did the long hair Niel go? He looked sexy with long hair but he looks even sexier with shorter hair TT", "He looks so handsome! Why didn't he cut it earlier", "Omg he's so cute."

How do you feel about his new look?!

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