Fans Get An Update on Dal Shabet’s Subin from Happy Face Entertainment

D-bo, Sept. 9, 2014, 8:48 a.m.

Happy Face Entertainment has released an update for Dal Shabet member Subin’s health after her car accident back in May.  Subin was involved in  a car accident in May where she fractured her right scaphoid bone as well as bruising both legs and her hip.  She has been unable to make it back to promote with the group so Dal Shabet has been promoting as a 5 member group.

A rep stated, "A month or two back, Subin had taken off her cast and started to walk.  We have been expecting that she would be able to rejoin the group near the end of this month, but we still need to continue watching over her progress.  She's not affected when it comes to her everyday life, but it is still hard for her to wear high heels and dance. We think their comeback album will probably be possible next year."

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