Fans of Super Junior Leeteuk to Plant Forrest in Honor of Birthday

D-Bo , July 1, 2014, 10:48 a.m.

Fans of Super Junior member Leeteuk are celebrating the idols birthday along with his upcoming military discharge by planting a Leeteuk Forrest.  His fanclub is celebrating the idols birthday as he turns 32 through Tree Planet’s Star Forest Project. 

They have raised money since March and have surpassed their goal of W6.5 million or about $6,450 US to plant approximately 300 trees near the SBS prism Tower and MBC headquarters. 

His fans shared, "We are proud to plant a forest in Leeteuk's name in honor of his upcoming discharge and birthday. As this is a forest made with fans' united heart, we think that it will be a meaningful forest for Leeteuk and his fans, and we ask that the forest may serve as a resting place for many people."

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