Fans Upset JYPE for GOT7 "Mismanagement"

Jay Lee, June 12, 2019, 5:05 p.m.

In recent weeks Got7 has been busy with promotions for their title track, "Eclipse" and their upcoming "Keep Spinning" world tour. However Agahses (Got7 fan club) have started to protest JYP Entertainment by using #Unfollowjypnationparty on Twitter.

This Ahgase movement began because many fans felt that JYP hasn't properly promoted GOT7 or treated their fans properly. Some fan sites have also closed altogether because of JYP's recent treatment of the fans and Got7. 

JYP had combined album and world tour promotions and some fans had to choose whether they would buy either the album or or go to a concert because not enough time was given to do both. 

Other Ahgases felt they were unfairly treated at one of Got7's recent fansigns where there was a no touching rule, very little time to talk to the members, and bodyguards listening in and sometimes even laughing at their conversations. 

In addition, fans claim that Got7 has not had adequate promotion for their world tour which means stops like Toronto have left over seats. 

Many fans are upset while others think protesting JYP will only hurt Got7 in the end.

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