Fantagio addresses group ASTRO's future

Tae Hyun Kim, May 25, 2018, 3:37 p.m.

Fantagio Music, due to the recent news surrounding them, spoke up about their label group ASTRO's future to relieve the fans. Previously, with the ongoing issues with Fantagio, fans have been worried about ASTRO's future. To address this issue, they wrote on ASTRO's official fan cafe. On it, they first apologized for the recent issues and causing their fans anxiety regarding them. Fantagio Music will continue to make further investments in their artist who they believe are the owners of the label. ASTRO is preparing for their new upcoming album and solo concerts towards the end of the year. Fantagio Music appreciates the fans support and encouragement toward ASTRO and will continue to work hard to bring out the best songs and activities.

Keep an eye out for their comeback!

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