Fashion Brand Top TenDraws Crticism After Announcing Flash Sale and Then Cancelling

kpopluv, Oct. 14, 2014, 8:57 a.m.

Fashion brand 'Top Ten's Myeongdong location has angered crowds of people after they advertised a huge fire sale, only to cancel it at the last minute.  
'Top Ten' had previously announced that it would launch a 10-10 Day event on October 10 at 10:10 PM, during which t-shirts would cost just 1,000 won each (approx. $1 USD). On the date of the event, customers began lining up around 8PM and waited approximately 4-5 hours for the event, yet because there were more customers than 'Top Ten' had anticipated, police were called to monitor the situation and the store closed early.


Many were angered by this decision, and took to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to post pictures of the incident. While in the first two pictures, a huge crowd can be seen clogging up a street in Myeongdong, the third shows a salesperson holding up a sign that repeatedly states, "Store closed. Store closed. Store closed. Store closed."


'Top Ten' has recently taken to their Facebook page to apologize, saying, "For insufficiently preparing for our event and inconveniencing our customers, we bow our heads and apologize. On October 10 at our Myeongdong store, because of a safety issue we had to inevitably cancel our planned event. We will be donating all the prepared products to the needy. To the crowd that was inconvenienced by this event, we once again bow our head in apology to all of you.

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