Fashion designer Kim Young Seh accused of sexual harassment

Jun Ko, Jan. 23, 2019, 2:47 p.m.

On January 23rd, it was reported by Channel A that famous Korean fashion designer Kim Young Seh was currently being investigated for sexual harassment. Two male victims (who wished to remain anonymous) came forward to speak about how they were sexually harassed by Kim Young Seh.

'A' filed a case against Kim Young Seh for sexual harassment back on August 30th, 2018; he claimed that Kim Young Seh, while naked, asked him to undress himself and attempted to make physical contact. 'B' claimed that Kim Young Seh had asked him to come to his bed and requested him to massage and apply lotion onto his back.  

Kim Young Seh denied the allegations and expressed his discontent by berating the interviewer. 

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