Fashion Magazine ‘CeCi’ Features Former IOI Member Kim Chung Ha!

Olivia Jung, April 25, 2017, 9:57 a.m.

Aww! Doesn’t she look fantastic? Recently, the famously acclaimed fashion magazine ‘CeCi’ featured former Produce 101 and former IOI superstar Kim Chung Ha! The star herself, Kim Chung Ha, discussed many things in an interview and photoshoot with ‘CeCi’. One of the main things shared by Kim Chung Ha was her solo debut!  She claimed that her debut as a solo artist is essentially a way for her to showcase to the world on who she is.

Kim Chung Ha later continued that this is her starting point. She also added that she’s still looking for the next step as an artist, claiming that she’ll be happy when she finds the next step.

Aww isn’t she so humble?

Check out the picture ‘CeCi’ released below!

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