Father who appeared on 'Hello' sues netizens for hate comments

Tae Hyun Kim, June 5, 2018, 9:22 a.m.

Choi Ho Jin, a father who appeared on an episode of 'Hello' filed a lawsuit against netizens after suffering from over-the-line hate comments after the broadcast. He and his daughters appeared on the May 21st episode where his daughter revealed that her dad licks her face and touches her butt and stomach. Her younger sister, 14 years old, also said he came in once in the bathroom to give her a bath. People were concerned that this was a sexual assault. 

On June 5th, he posted a photo of his lawsuit which he submitted and wrote that variety shows are meant to make them laugh and be simple. He sued the netizens for defamation of character, spread of false information, etc. 

CP Han Dong Gyu of Hello commented that he was sad about what happened. He was sad and apologetic regarding the hate commenters who affected Choi's daily life and his family. He clarified saying that the show is not a solution broadcast, but it's a show to just listen to the people and their problems and come up with possibilities. They don't have professionals on the show. They are always careful because their subject matter is non-celebrities. 

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