Female Hallyu Stars Declare War on Prostitution Rumors

Kyung Ho Kim, March 21, 2016, 8:55 a.m.

Female actresses and K-pop stars have declared a war on rumors related to the recent prostitution scandal. The rumors started after several female celebrities were questioned over suspicion of prostitution acts, with all four admitting the charges later on. The case was dealt by the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office that refused to reveal the identity of the celebrities and their broker.

However as the basic information about the persons were unveiled, such as their career and past records, the public started to point fingers at various female celebrities based on the matching features, creating groundless rumors.

Yubin of Wonder Girls was the first celebrity to take legal action against those who spread rumors by accusing her of engaging in commercial sex acts, followed by Dalshabet’s Subin and Yang Ji-won of Spica.

Actress Kang So-ra and Nam Bo-ra‘s agency, Will Entertainment, also released an official announcement to join the war on rumors.  “Malicious rumors that severely hurt the celebrities’ dignity as a woman will have to face serious consequences. We will press charges against everyone who is either creating or spreading the word.”


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