Female K-pop stars put in best efforts

Angela Jung, May 9, 2017, 10:07 a.m.

A behind-the-scenes clip of Twice filming for an advertisement was broadcast via the group’s official V app channel Monday. The members said that they found it difficult to pretend they were good at skate boarding when in reality they were struggling quite badly.

Chaeyoung took the time to practice, but without much success. In the end, Jeongyeon had to give her a private lesson.

Nayeon and Sana also tried to copy Tzuyu who was doing very well. However, other members made fun of their failures. 

With the help of Jeongyeon, Momo was able to show great improvements, which she proudly showed off in front of the camera.
Despite the bad weather and lack of sleep, the members put their best efforts into the filming.

AOA’s Jimin posted a video of herself on ONSTYLE & Olive’s official V app channel Monday while she was in Melbourne for the filming of “One Night Food Trip.”

As regular viewer of the eating show, she said that she was really excited to be able to participate in it and that she was prepared to eat a lot.

“I chose Australia as the country to visit because it is a country well-known for its cleanliness. Also, there seems to be a lot of fresh ingredients. I heard that it is a rising city among gourmets,” she said.

“I ate so much today that you will be shocked when you see me on the show.”

She added that she was going to do her best to win against Cheetah and Minzy in an eating battle. 

Gugudan was preparing presents for the members of its fan club Dan-jjak during a broadcast aired through its official V app channel Monday.

Candies to soothe one’s throat and masks to help fans protect themselves against fine dust were wrapped up by the members of Gugudan themselves.

“I hope that fans will be able to keep themselves healthy by using the items that we giving them as presents,” said Sejung.

“We will help protect you from fine dust, so please wait a little bit,” said Haebin to fans.

The members even went on a trip to meet fans in person and deliver the presents. Fans were touched by Gugudan’s efforts.

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