Female under investigation for attacking her alleged rapist

Jun Ko, Feb. 21, 2019, 11:21 a.m.

The Gwangju Seobu Police are currently investigating a case where a female had injured a male with a knife on the allegation that he had raped her when she was asleep; the female is currently being investigated on the grounds of whether her attack was necessary while the male is being investigated for the alleged crime. 

Reports show that the two were drinking at the male's residence (western Gwangju) on February 15th. It is believed that when the female woke up due to the male raping her. Angered from the sexual assault, she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and attacked; police reported that the male's injuries were minor. 

The female was kept at the station as her self-defense actions might not be covered in Korea's self-defense law, which is well-known for its lack of flexibility when it comes to the defenders. The law states that people are granted the use of force to "prevent unjust infringement of one's or another person's legal interest", as long as it fulfills two points: justifiable reason behind the act and reasonable use of force. However, with the law deeming any weapon use and any injuries that take more than three weeks to heal to be outside of reasonable use of force, it becomes extremely difficult to use self-defense as an actual defense. 

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