Fewer Korean Parents Insist on Having a Son

kpride, Sept. 11, 2014, 8:40 a.m.

The sex ratio of boys to girls born last year was at its lowest level as the traditional preference for male children wanes. More people in fact prefer their second child to be a girl.  According to Statistics Korea on Tuesday, 223,900 baby boys and 212,600 baby girls were born in 2013, which translates into 105.3 boys per 100 girls, the lowest figure since statistic started in 1981.

The ratio peaked at 116.5 in 1990 but dropped to some 110 by 2000.  The sex ratio for second children was 104.5 boys per 100 girls last year, but for the third child it was 107.8 and for a fourth or later child 109.8, suggesting that more traditionally-minded parents who typically have more kids do still hold out for a boy or two. 

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