FIESTAR Excites Fans with 'You're Pitiful' Fan Cam Video Compilation

babyqueen, March 11, 2015, 12:25 p.m.

Fan cams of our favorite celebrities have always been around, but after a particular fan cam of EXID's Hani went viral and boosted her career, it seems that FIESTAR is jumping on the bandwagon by releasing their own special fan cam version video of 'You're Pitiful', which is a collection of live performances caught on camera by their fans!

The collage of clips synchronized into one music video is a fresh take on the fan cam craze. The variety of shots show a plethora of angles, stage outfits, and even clips focused on individual members. This video was a great way for the girl group to interact with fans by acknowledging their hard work and dedication. Take a look at the refreshing video below!

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