FIESTAR's Jei and TAHITI's Jisu Clash on "The Secret Weapon"

Sensitive Artist, June 27, 2015, 11:51 a.m.

The tension was so thick in the air that you could feel it through the television between FIESTAR's Jei and TAHITI's Jisu! During the June 26th broadcast of MBC's "The Secret Weapon", the two artists went head to head and the two began their bitter rivalry.

It all began back when Stellar's Minhee said, "My goal is to rise to 9th place," after being placed tenth last week. After this ambitious statement, the MC's debated who would be replacing FIESTAR's Jei, who is currently sitting at 9th place. Defconn said, "There is only one thing Jei is after. She has to crush Jisu," hinting towards Jisu's pass directed at Jei in the last episode where she voted Jei as the idol least likely to succeed.

Jei then bounced back by saying about Jisu, "Of course, [I must crush her]." It seems that Jisu felt a little bad about what Jei said, and Jisu asked her, "Unnie, you are not angry, right?

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Defconn in closing then said, "Those are fake reactions that celebs always put on," making everyone in the audience laugh.

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