FIESTAR’s ‘One More’ Gets Banned On MBC

luvsmiling, July 10, 2014, 7:54 a.m.

It has been reported that FIESTAR’s song 'One More' has been banned from MBC Broadcasting for being too sexual.  The controversy is arising over its sexually suggestive lyrics. This has prompted the girls and their agency to figure out new lyrics to replace their original.

An MBC rep told TV Report, "You will not be able to see FIESTAR's 'One More' stage on 'Music Core' as well as the broadcast of their MV [in its current state]... But it does not mean that we are restricting FIESTAR's appearance in general."

FIESTAR's agency rep told TV Daily on the 10th, "We received the notice from the 'Music Core' reps that it would be difficult for [FIESTAR] to promote their new song 'One More' on 'Music Core' due to its lyrics." 

"Because they are currently in the middle of promotions, it would be difficult [to makes modifications]. It is also not a matter of the word choice, but problems with the interpretation of them, so we are in talks over the issue. It is difficult to give a confirmation right now." 

The girls are currently working on an alternative version to the song.        

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