Fifth Asian Leadership Conference to Take Place in Seoul

Jimmy Pak, Jan. 15, 2014, 3:35 p.m.

Early this coming March will hold the world’s 5th Asian Leadership Conference. The conference takes place on March 3rd and 4th, and will even be hosted on Chosun Ilbo and TV Chosun.

One of the main topics on this year’s table is whether or not north and South Korea are able to finally end their Cold War, and even begin a new age of harmony.  On the conference are a couple key players, such as Former United States President George W. Bush, Lothard de Maizière, Edward Prescott, Ian Bremmer, Marc Faber, and Jim Rogers.

Bush previous led the six-party talk during his terms as president, in order to help resolve the North Korean nuclear standoff. Lothar was the final East German prime minister before reunification. Prescott won the 2004 Nobel Prize in economics, and Bremmer is the founder of the foremost political risk consultancy Eurasia Group. Of the last two, Faber, a global investor who will offer his insights,, and Rogers, head of Rogers Holdings who pledges to invest all of his money into the North once reunification is achieved.

More information about the conference is available at Registration will take place between January 13th and Feb 22nd, for a fee of W1.9 million ($1USD – W1,061)

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