Filming starts for ‘Cheese in the Trap’ movie

Su Jin Jang, April 26, 2017, 9:41 a.m.

Park Hae-jin and Oh Yeon-seo started filming for the romance film “Cheese in the Trap,” according to the film production agency Wednesday. “‘Cheese in the Trap’ has started shooting in Seoul on Saturday,” Mountain Movement Story said. “Even though it was the first time for the actors to film it, they showed good chemistry.” 

Park will play the stoic college senior Yoo Jung, while Oh will play the smart hardworking college student Hong Seol in the film. Other cast members include Park Ki-woong, Sandara Park, Na Hye-mi and Yoo In-young. 

The movie rendition of “Cheese in the Trap” will tell the love story between two college students, Yoo Jung and Hong Seol. The film will hit local theaters sometime this year. 

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