Find Out Who The Idol Star Is on “Masked King”

Nicholas Kim, Oct. 12, 2015, 11:01 a.m.

For this week’s broadcast of the show “Masked King”, another talented and skilled vocal idol made an appearance on the show, immediately gathering a bunch of interest and clamor about what his real identity was! Under the alias “Well Blewup Wi-Fi”, BTOB’s Changsub was revealed to be under the mask.


The reveal came after the news that he had lost the second round against Small Drunk Tiger by 9 points. Changsub performed “You Inside My Memories” by Hwang Chi Hoon, and received a ton of positive feedback and compliments from the judges for his perfect stage performance. After his identity was revealed however, Changsub immediately expressed his disappointment by saying, "They've been telling me that I am a lead vocalist (in BTOB). But since Sungjae got to the third round in 'Masked King,' I think I am going to become a sub-sub-sub-sub vocalist."


Check out the performance here at!

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