First Photo shoot of Hyukoh

kpopfandom, Aug. 7, 2015, 11:17 a.m.

Since hyukoh’s debut, their very first magazine photo shoot is in the latest issue of ‘High Cut’!

Although it was their very first shoot, the picture shows all of the members looking very hip and stylish, and natural. Oh Hyuk, a member of the group, was asked about their next album and he replied by saying that another one may be coming in September. He says that the music will have an odd atmosphere due to having some Orientalism.

His reply may be a bit cryptic, but this gives us more information regarding the album that will come out. Let’s wait until then to understand what he means by those words!

Regarding his thoughts about joining ‘HIGHGRIND’, Tablo’s label, Oh Hyuk replied, “It's nice. First off, Tablo hyung treats us well. He listens to us well and gives us a lot of advice. As he's from the same standpoint as us, as we both create music, it's nice that he tells us stories."

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