Fly to the Sky return with details of their upcoming album and comeback date

LrgnNChrg, May 1, 2014, 11:19 a.m.

Fly to the Sky (Brian, Hwanhee) released the details on their upcoming 9th full-length album after confirming their reunion concert.

The reunion that many fans have wished for for so long is finally happening. H2 Media reps confirmed, "They will release their 9th full-length album 'CONTINUUM' consisting of a total of ten tracks including their title track 'You You You' on the 20th at midnight. The new album is their first album in five years since their 10th anniversary 8th full-length album 'Decennium' in 2009."

According to the reps, Fly to the Sky will thank fans who have continued to support them throughout the years by giving it their all in this album, featuring the same composers and lyricists who wrote their previous hit songs. They also got fans looking forward to their upcoming broadcast activities and concert.

The duo will hold their reunion concert at K-Art Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul on the day of their album release May 20 at 8 PM KST!

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