FNC Entertainment CEO Shares Which Artist Got in the Most Trouble

Kyung Ho Kim, Jan. 1, 2016, 11:19 a.m.

FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho recently made an appearance on SBS Power FM, Lee Kuk Ju Yong’s Street.  On his appearance the CEO was asked which artist got in the most trouble. 
DJ Lee Kuk Ju commented, "[People say] that you are really strict in the studio despite your benign appearance. That you really scold a lot." Han Sung Ho admitted to his unyielding reputation by replying, "Because it's work. You have to be tense. There are things to be done [within work hours]." 

Naturally the host was curious as to the artist that was most on the receiving end of the CEO's scolding and asked him, "Who was scolded the most?" Han Sung Ho answered, "I scolded everyone a lot. But the ones who were scolded the most were F.T. Island and CNBLUE," explaining that he spared the rod for no one. 

The CEO further revealed that though he may have scolded F.T. Island a lot, he is fast friends with the band's charismatic Hongki. Lee Kuk Ju said, "I think Hongki considers the company the most. If there's something urgent, you always seem to look for Hongki." The CEO replied, "You're right. He's a big help," laughing. Han Sung Ho has reason to be close with Hongki as F.T. Island is the group that set the foundation for the company in its early days. The CEO stated, "Because F.T. Island did well, I'm always thankful," expressing his gratitude.  

FNC Entertainment, formerly FNC Music, stands for "fish and cake". Founded by singer-turned-producer Han Seong-ho, it started off by exclusively managing musicians but changed its name to FNC Entertainment in 2012, and began to broaden their business field of entertainment. It has since January 2012, been based in its own company offices in Cheongdam-dong.


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