FNC Entertainment Possibly Debuting a Hip-Hop Project Group

Sensitive Artist, April 20, 2015, 10:16 a.m.

FNC has just revealed a very ominous teaser photo with the letters "JNJ" boldly emblazoned on it, with three dates under the letters. As usual, speculation on what the teaser could possibly mean made fans draw their own conclusions, some reasonable, and some completely outlandish.

In addition to the picture, FNC Entertainment provided a link to their website where there will be additional information in regards to their "N Project 1". The website is bare, and has no details currently but it does feature some very addictive background music that is bass-heavy and has a hip-hop vibe, which has led many to suggest that FNC would be venturing away from their usual rock/acoustic acts in order to create a hip-hop project.

A few fans have speculated that the two J's might refer to Juniel or Jonghyun, while the N is for N-Flying, which is a new rock group from the company who has yet to make their debut in Korea.

You heard it here at Koogle.tv!

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