Footage Showing Argument Between Lee Tae Im and Yewon Revealed

Sensitive Artist, March 27, 2015, 10:15 a.m.

When the situation regarding Lee Tae Im and Yewon's fight had slowly died down, there apparently was video footage of Lee Tae Im and Yewon's fight while they filmed MBC's "Tutoring Across Generations" and it has been leaked! Nobody knows how the video became available to the public, but MBC has revealed that they are currently investigating the leak.

The footage shows a very different story than what was told by Yewon's agency, Star Empire Entertainment.

Before we discuss the video footage, let's recap what happened between the two stars. It was stated previously that Lee Tae Im had lost her cool and cursed and yelled at Yewon for apparently no reason at all. Lee Tae Im said that she heard Yewon speak informally and disrespectfully to her, and this had triggered her frustrations and anger. Yewon's side denied that Yewon had spoken informally to the actress, and said that Yewon had only asked Lee Tae Im if she was cold after she had gotten out of the water.

The leaked footage tells a different story however. The conversation between the two goes like this:

Lee Tae Im: Hello~ 
Yewon: Is it cold?
Lee Tae Im: It's really cold, you should try going in there once too
Yewon: Can't ('ahndweh' - informal speech)
Lee Tae Im: You don't want to? But you like watching others do it? 
Yewon: No No ('ahni ahni' - informal)
Lee Tae Im: Why are you using the informal speech? 
Yewon: (chuckles) No No  ('ahni ahni' - informal)
Lee Tae Im: Do I seem like a person you can look down on? 
Yewon: No it's just cold. No. Unni, you don't like me huh?
Lee Tae Im: Why are looking at me in that way? 
Yewon: Huh? 
Lee Tae Im: I said why are you looking at me that way? You're blind to this situation aren't you? 

A staff member then comes up to the two and asks, "Tae Im, what's wrong?" to which the actress responds, "This b*tch is speaking informally, informal speech. If you don't want to get hit, look with your eyes properly open. I'll make you being a celebrity.. forever, forever...."

The staff then comes in and pulls away Lee Tae Im, and her voice becomes indistinct while Yewon glares at her. The camera is then put down, and you can hear a female voice that is suspected to be Yewon's say, "That crazy b*tch Really that, whew!" and "What's wrong with her?". 

MBC is apparently in an emergency situation looking at how this video became leaked, and will most likely press charges against the partie(s) responsible.

Star Empire was contacted as well after the footage leak to which they said, "We just saw the footage. We have nothing we can tell you right now. We will deliver our position after we analyze the situation."

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