Foreign Artist to Compete on 'King of Masked Singer' for First Time!

AJ Lee, Feb. 19, 2016, 11:37 a.m.

According to a report by Korean news outlet 'My Daily', a foreign artist whom everyone knows just by hearing their name will be making their appearance on MBC TV's 'King of Masked Singer'! The report stated that the foreign artist, who is well known in Korea, has finished filming their slot which is slated to air on the 21st.

This will be the first time a foreign artist will be featuring on the popular competitive singing program, and while the MBC show is quite famous in Korea, the casting of this foreign artist truly showcases how widely loved 'King of Masked Singer' is!

Netizens have spoken to take guesses at who this artist could be, with some saying it may be R&B artist Jeff Bernat, who has recently been promoting quite a bit in Korea, or Japanese artist Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. Who do you think the foreign artist joining 'King of Masked Singer' is?

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