Former 4minute’s Gayoon to Begin Her Acting Career

David Song, Oct. 14, 2016, 9:18 a.m.

The ex-4minute member Gayoon has just announced that she will start her career as an actress starting now! Her new managing agency BS Company posted the news on October 14th and stated, ‘We have welcomed a new family member by signing on with Heo Gayoon. With pure, elegant charms as well as many others, she's an artist with unlimited potential. We'll give great support for Heo Gayoon, who's opening a new beginning in her career. Please, look forward to it.’


BS Company is a brand new entertainment agency. Actor Lee Si Eun from ‘W’ magazine joined the new label as well recently, and it looks like the agency will be making a big push to ensure that it’s managed actors and actresses will be taken care of. Keep your eyes peeled to see more of Gayoon on television and film!

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