Former Executed Korean figure’s Positions Replaced

D-Bo, Jan. 20, 2014, 3:04 p.m.

Former leading figure and uncle to Supreme Leader Kim Jon-un of North Korea is quickly being replaced for the positions and roles that he managed.

O Kuk-ryol seems to be the replacement for most of Jang’s position. O is also the vice chairman of the National Defense Commission.

O is also the son of a former North Korean partisan, that fought the Japanese occupying forces during the times of 1910-1945. O also served as Air Force and Army chief, and had a great influence on the country until Jan rose to power.

O regained rights to the development of Rajin-Sonbong port, exports of seafood and gold mining which Jang revoked form him in 2010.

O was also shown in photographs with the North Korean Leader at an event during late 2013 celebrating the country's scientists. O was then photographed again 4 days later at a ceremony with Kim, marking the 2nd anniversary for the passing of Kim’s father, and former leader, Kim Jong-il.  Experts say O’s rebirth is a part of Kim's efforts to manage his control over the military.

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