Former Japanese Prime Minister Visits Seoul

D-Bo, Feb. 12, 2014, 3:19 p.m.

The former Prime Minster of Japan, Tomiichi Murayama, arrived in Korea’s capital this past Tuesday. Upon his arrival, he made the statement, "I hope that Seoul and Tokyo will trust, and open their heart to, each other."

Murayama was well respected during his term as Prime Minister, and even issued an apology to neighboring nations in 1995 for Japan’s colonial rule. Some might even say that he was the most proactive of all Japanese prime ministers.

Murayama was invited to the Justice Party. He stated "Japan and Korea have had a long historical relationship and have many things in common. I wonder why we now have this kind of situation." The former prime minister was most likely referring to growing tensions between Japan and its neighbors.

"Since the second Abe administration took power, there has been some noise," he continued, “but nobody can deny the 'Murayama statement.'"

Murayama also took a stroll to an exhibition space where artworks of Japanese comfort women were found. Murayama is expected to meet with Prime Minister Jung Hong-won this week.

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