Former Kiss&Cry and VNT's Soyumi Releases MV Teaser for Solo Debut "Shake Me Up"

Sensitive Artist, April 20, 2015, 10:09 a.m.

Soyumi has tried being an idol twice already, with VNT and Kiss&Cry, and now has decided to take yet another step forward on her journey by becoming a solo artist with the release of her newest music video teaser clip! She personally released her teaser photo on social media platforms last week, and had her fans excited to hear a small snippet of what her song would sound like.

The track is titled "Shake Me Up", and will be released on April 21st. Surprisingly Soyumi performs an updated trot song with a bubbly concept theme.

Be sure to check out the teaser video above and support Soyumi on her journey to be a fixture in the K-Pop industry!

You heard it here at!

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