Former Korean Air Vice President Cho Hyun-ah accused of physical+verbal assault against her family

Jun Ko, Feb. 21, 2019, 11:49 a.m.

Former Korean Air Vice President Cho Hyun-ah finds herself to be in hot water once again. She initially gained notice through her 'nut rage' scandal, which caused the public to look unfavorably on her. The newest incident comes in the form of physical and verbal abuse against her family. 

Her husband 'Park' submitted video and photo evidence to the police after submitting a report of her assault. He claimed that Cho had choked him and threw a tablet PC at him as well as threw silverware at their children for eating too slow and verbally abused them when they didn't go to bed on time. The video evidence showed a female (deemed Cho Hyun-ah) shouting at a male (deemed Park) while photo evidence showed the extent of the injuries faced. 

Cho denied the allegations, stating that Park was falsely accusing her of crimes to gain the upper hand in their divorce proceedings. Additionally, she accused him of destroying their marriage with child negligence and drug+alcohol addiction. 

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