Former ‘Produce 101’ contestants band together for brand new girl group!

Anna Park, July 21, 2016, 10:17 a.m.

It’s been revealed that five former ‘Produce 101’ contestants will be banding together to form a brand new girl group! Said five contestants were top contenders in the survival program, and after much demand from fans, the ladies are gearing up to make their debut in a totally new group.

The girls who will be joining the new girl group are Han Hyeri, Kim So Hee, Lee Soo Hyun, Lee Hae In, and Yoon Chae Kyung. The quintet will gear up for their project girl group debut as I.B.I under music label Loen Entertainment.

I.B.I humorously stands for ‘Il Ban In’ which means “non-celebrity” in Korean. The new girl group is set to debut on August 18th for a limited amount of time.

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