Former Royal Pirates member James launches Kickstarter campaign for help with making his 1st EP and MV

Cari Pak, Feb. 12, 2018, 3:21 p.m.

Former Royal Pirates member James launched his own Kickstarter campaign. In January 2017, James announced he has decided to leave Royal Pirates due to his inability to fully recover from a tragic accident. He has been away from the music scene since then but he has decided to make a comeback with hope.

James greeted fans on Kickstarter in hopes of asking for help with making his 1st EP and music video. He wrote, "An accident cut off my hand & ended my career as a bassist. I reattached it & now I'm digging for hope in the only thing I know: music."

James aims to gather $27,600 for his new album production (this is an all or nothing campaign, it will only be funded if it reaches the goal). The crowdfunding will run until March 14. As of this posting, the campaign is almost at the fund goal with the campaign now 89% funded! Let's help James fuel his passion for music!

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