Former Trainee Reveals How BTS' Suga Helped Take Him to the Hospital During Trainee Days

BanSeok Shin, Nov. 19, 2018, 10:32 a.m.

A former trainee, Jihoon who trained with BTS reveals how BTS Suga took care of him when he got really sick.

On the former trainee's YouTube channel 빛훈TV or directly translated, 'Light Hoon TV', he shares a touching story about how the now member of BTS, Suga, took care of him, even taking him to the hospital, when we got seriously sick. He begins his story by recalling how it was around the beginning of Fall, year about 7 years ago and J-Hope's mother has sent a gift of food (half dried herring) that J-Hope wanted to share with the other trainees (which he did and they devoured it). However, that night Jihoon awoke with a bad stomach ache and when we got out of bed to use the bathroom he described the walls as "spinning." He went to the bathroom and kept throwing up until Suga came and checked on him. Suga helped the struggling Jihoon to get into a taxi (where Jihoon passed out) and to the hospital (where he awoke in a hospital bed). Suga not only helped Jihoon to the hospital, but stayed with him all night, filled out the paperwork, and even helped pay for the hospital fees! Jihoon also tells of how Suga's influence rubbed off on him when Jimin became sick!

What a great and touching story about BTS' Suga!

If you want to listen to and watch the full 10 minute story you can watch it below! Jihoon speaks in Korean but the video has English closed-captions (non-auto translated) available.

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