Former U-Kiss member Dongho and his wife confirmed to have filed for divorce

Jun Ko, Sept. 20, 2018, 11:19 a.m.

On September 20th, it was revealed that former U-KISS member Dongho and his wife recently filed for divorce. The two are currently in the legal process of determining who will be taking custody of their child. 

Additionally, the divorce was also confirmed by Dongho's father, CEO Shin Sung Chul: "All the divorce proceedings have already been carried out. There's not much left that needs to be done." When asked about the reason behind the divorce, he responded that it was due to personality differences. He continued on by saying how he felt disappointed about the divorce, but how there was nothing he could do as the decision was made. However, he clarified that the two are not divorcing on bad terms. He stated that they were able to see their grandchild: "We have been missing our grandchild recently, so she brought him over to our house for a while. They'll both be taking responsibility in raising the child, but he will be living with his mother since we thought it would be better that way." When asked about Dongho's future plans, he responded how he will not be returning to the entertainment industry: "He wants to live free and work as a DJ." 

Dongho himself took to the internet in order to address the divorce: "Hello. I apologize for worrying everyone with the reports that came out today. I wanted for the event to pass without notice for the sake of my son and his mother, but it ended up making the headlines. This is not a topic that I will talk about at length, but I will at least share that we ended up divorcing due to the differences in our personalities. We have completed all the paperwork for the divorce in mutual agreement. The decision was made after a lot of discussion and concern. Even though we are no longer together, we will be both taking responsibility in taking care of our child since we did not part in bad terms. Finally, while I am a person who has been exposed to mass media, I request that everyone does not make this any bigger as I would like for this to not become a bigger wound for my son as he grows up. Thank you." 

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