Former WonderGirls’ Maknae Sohee Makes Cameo Appearance in CF for ‘Reebok Classic’

Flavor Saver, Sept. 12, 2015, 11:49 a.m.

Former WonderGirl’s member and maknae Sohee has made an appearance in a newly released CF for Reebok Classic’s ‘Furylite’ shoe lineup. The commercial is a rather interesting one where the starlet is depicted alone with male on a subway train, then is seen on a rooftop of Seoul. Whether it’s the same male figure or not remains a mystery, however Sohee is still looking pretty as ever, although she is past her idol days.

Ahn Sohee Left the group in December of 2013, to continue pursuing her acting career with BH Entertainment. A representative at BH entertainment commented on the current status of the actress, explaining, "Her exclusive contract with JYP merely expired; it is not true that she will completely halt her singing activities. If her previous agency offers her an album or another form of collaboration, the door to opportunities is wide open. We will reflect on Sohee's opinion to the utmost."

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