FOX News Admits Error in Airing Asian People in Sewol Ferry Disaster Coverage

D-Bo , May 6, 2014, 10:53 a.m.

Fox News has acknowledged that they have used images of random Asian people in their news coverage of the Sewol Ferry incident.  They have finally acknowledged their error and have expressed regret.  The April 19 news segment on Fox News, which aired three days after the tragedy occurred, had the broadcaster talking about South Koreans upset over the victims who couldn’t escape the sunken ship. 

However instead of showing related footage from Korea, it showed footage of Asian people who clearly aren’t Korean. Some who have seen the footage speculate that it may have been from a news feed in Nepal, when an avalanche on Mount Everest last month killed 16 Sherpa guides.

“The wrong video was mistakenly pulled from the international feed,” said David Clark, the Fox News executive producer of weekend news and programming, in a statement. “We regret this error and have corrected the footage online and will address it on air, as well.”

The segment with the erroneous footage was still on the network’s website for weeks after it aired on live television. Although Fox said the footage was corrected, it appeared to have been deleted altogether on Monday. 

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