'Fresh Off The Boat' Asian-American Family Sitcom coming to TV!

Richard Parker, May 12, 2014, 11:34 a.m.

Finally, an Asian-American family sitcom is coming to TV.  “Fresh Off The Boat” is a new comedy based on Eddie Huang’s memoirs.  This will be the first prime time Asian American family sitcom since Margaret Cho’s “All American Girl’ from 1994. 

“Fresh Off The Boat” is written and produced by Nahnatchka Khan who follows the hip-hop crazed Eddie as he grows up in suburban Orlando.  Jeff Yang, Asian American pop culture guru, wrote in his Wall Street Journal column, “The show is like nothing you will have ever seen before on television. If it makes it to air, it will blow minds, raise eyebrows and, to quote a line that my son says as Little Eddie, ‘change the game.’ I would honestly say the same if I weren’t the lead actor’s father. It’s that different. And provocative. And, yes, gut-bustingly funny.”

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