From film to drama: 'The Beauty Inside' remade with a male-female genderswap twist

Jun Ko, Nov. 17, 2017, 10:15 a.m.

'The Beauty Inside' will be remade from a film to a drama by movie production company 'Studio&New'. The details of the drama are currently still in the works; Studio&New stated on November 17th, "We are currently in the process of producing a drama version with the aim to begin filming early next year. The broadcasting station has yet to be determined." The film first came to theaters in 2015, the story revolving around a male whoe went through daily gender, age, nationality changes throughout their entire lifetime and a female who loved them despite all that. The South Korean romantic comedy film was based of the 2012 American social film which held the same title. The drama remake will differ from the original South Korean film with the implementation of the male-female genderswap trope. 

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