Frozen Snack Sales Rise with Popularity of Pizza and Hot Dogs

Troy Young, March 22, 2018, 9:27 a.m.

Sales of frozen snacks rose sharply in 2017 from the previous year, industry data showed Thursday, amid the growing popularity of frozen pizza, hot dogs and other snacks. The sales figure soared to 134.2 billion won (US$125 million) last year from 61 billion won the previous year, according to data from CJ Cheiljedang Corp., South Korea's leading food manufacturer.

CJ Cheiljedang emerged as the biggest seller of frozen snacks last year with sales nearly quintupling to 44 billion won last year from a year earlier. The company said it expects its sales of frozen snacks to exceed 80 billion won this year.

Ottogi, another food processing company, said it has introduced four new frozen pizzas, including shrimp and potato pizzas, which can be cooked in frying fans as well as ovens. Ottogi was the largest seller of frozen pizzas last year with its market share surpassing 70 percent.

CJ Cheiljedang closely follows Ottogi in the frozen pizza market, with its market share rising to 31.7 percent in January this year, compared with Ottogi's 54.8 percent.

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