F.T. Island Voices Their Unhappiness with FNC Entertainment

Nicholas Kim, June 11, 2016, 3:26 p.m.

The members of F.T. Island were recently featured on Naver’s V app to give a live broadcast to fans to celebrate their ninth anniversary! They wished to spend their special day with their fans, but things took a turn for the worse it seems as Hongki bluntly stated, "Our fans gifted candles to all of our company employees, but nobody has thanked us. I hate FNC." Jaejin then added, "We have to hurry and leave there. Seriously, nobody contacted us (after receiving the gift). It makes me mad." 


Fans were extremely displeased to hear that the members of the group were treated to poorly by their management agency, and later were even more infuriated when the statements of the two artists were edited from the video clip after the initial live broadcast. Fans are asking more questions about the relationship between FNC Entertainment and F.T. Island, wondering if everything is fine.


Netizens have commented that a group should never feel that way no matter what, especially after having worked with the agency for nine full years. Comments stating that the agency fails to promote the group, for the group to leave, and that it is not difficult at all to show gratitude to the group. Do you think there are serious issues going on behind closed doors at FNC Entertainment?

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