Further Investigation Reveals Truth Behind Gary's Alleged Sex Tape + His Response

bigpoppa, Sept. 3, 2015, 12:49 a.m.

SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' has launched further investigation into the sex tape allegedly starring Leessang rapper and 'Running Man' cast member Gary. On the September 2nd episode, the show revealed their search for the truth about the man in the video, consulting with experts who were able to give a more accurate look into the issue.

In the much buzzed-about sex tape, a man that looks very similar to the rapper - in facial structure, body type, hairstyle, and even with a similar tattoo on his arm - is seen with an unknown woman, engaging in an intimate act. The 4 minute clip had the internet ablaze, going viral with netizens questioning if the man in question is actually Leessang's Gary.

Although Gary's label Leessang Company adamently made an official statement that the man in the video is not the rapper and that they'd be pursuing legal action against the distributors, many viewers were still not convinced. After deeper investigation into the video at hand, further evidence was found to support that Gary is, in fact, not the man in the sex tape.

Previously, the label mentioned in their statement that the man's tattoo in the video is on the arm opposite to Gary's tattoo. 'One Night of TV Entertainment' consulted with a Forensic Image Analyst, Hwang Min Gu, who took a closer look at the images in the video to determine whether the man in question was truly Gary or not. After close observation, the analyst explained, "Looking at the man's cheekbones, muscle formation, and tattoo, if you watch it thinking it's Gary, it can definitely look like it's him. However, in the video, the [man's] tattoo is on the opposite side [to Gary's]. The particular structure and size of the tattoo is different, which raises a high probability that the man in the video is not [Gary]."

Leessang Company disclosed Gary's response to the malicious rumors and video in question, stating, "The man in the video was obviously not Gary, but the video kept circulating as though it was really him in it. However, Gary implored that [we] just wait it out because the truth will eventually reveal itself... Gary didn't want to take action just yet because the video was continuing to circulate due to his name being attached to it. He was worried that it would invade the [couple's] privacy and bring them harm."

Even though Gary tried to avoid counter-action as much as possible, it was reported that a lawsuit was filed last week. A representative of the Cyber Investigation Division at the Incheon Bupyung Police Station confidently made the statement, "The man in the video is not Leessang's Gary."

Looks like things have finally been cleared up! What do you think? Check out the video below for the full segment, here on Koogle TV!

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